A new axis: anti-objectification vs sex-positive feminism


Are there different sides to feminism and gender issues?


Today we launch a new position axis: ‘anti-objectification vs sex-positive.’ This caters for the pro-sex feminist (and non-feminist) perspective as well as it’s opposite.

Our technology and team are continually incorporating all the different ways of looking at the world – from the river of opinion coming in and feedback from you, our users.

We needed a way to incorporate the difference between feminists from GlossWitch to Paris Lees to Holly Baxter who have different beliefs on what represents progress in terms of sex, sexuality and representation for all genders.

We will continue to use the conservative / progressive axis to cover questions of gender roles evolving / staying the same – as appropriate.

But on matters of sexual liberalism, from porn to prostitution to media representation, we are to use this new divide – between sex-positive feminism, and anti-objectification – to ensure both sides of the coin are clearly laid out to see, explore and react to.

As ever, if you have comments on this axis choice, or suggestions on authors, commentators and politicians whose content we should be aggregating and featuring for gender or any other issues, please let us know via email info [@] PositionDial.com / Twitter @PositionDial or in the comments below.

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