PositionDial live at the Fikay Fashion Foundation Launch!

Fikay Foundation Fashion Show Fikay bag

PositionDial proudly supported the recent Fikay Fashion Foundation launch. Guests interacted live throughout the night at a special PositionDial page created for the event.

PositionDial for Fikay

The event brought to life the Fikay brand and the purpose behind its new Fashion Foundation

“Fikay Fashion is here to lift people out of poverty and bring colour to peoples lives. Wear it. Look good. Do good”

Fikay  download (3)

The Fashion show on the night showcased Fikay’s upcycled accessories and bags, including wallets and guitar cases:

Fikay Fikay

We worked with Karlo, Co-founder and event organiser, to develop a series of highly relevant statements for event attendees to respond to. Helping them get closer and respond to the issues Fikay cares about, by clicking to get their PositionDials:

Fikay PositionDial

“Enabling our attendees to engage via PositionDial helped people think and interact about the issues that matter to us most, ranging from Employment to Empowerment to Education – the three E’s we believe have the power to break the cycle of poverty and make a real change in this world. A cause and purpose that stretches far beyond your average fashion brand…”

Karlo Faggetter, Fikay Co-founder 

If you’re interested in engaging your event guests via a custom PositionDial experience please email me – mariam @ positiondial.com.

Photo credit (all event photos):  Aleksandra Jordan

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