PositionDial and #Innotech2014: Legislating for LulzSec: privacy, data & policy


Tomorrow the much anticipated Innotech Summit takes place – on legislating for LulzSec: privacy, data & policy.  Still time to get tickets!

We’re proudly partnering with Innotech to help everyone engage on key issues covered by the Summit, first of all online voting.

You can work out where you stand via an embedded PositionDial experience (including videos) over on the Innotech website. (And don’t forget to register with us to store and keep building your PositionDial).




More about the #Innotech2014 event

Tomorrow’s Innotech Summit will host a discussion focusing on cybercrime, digital over-skill, the ethics of hacking, the role of government in legalising and prosecuting, and what rights companies have to own and use our personal data. Speakers will include:

  • Dr Jamie Saunders, Director of the National Cyber Crime Unit at the National Crime Agency
  • Jake Davis, a former hacker who was part of the Internet group Anonymous
  • Russ Shaw, the founder of London Tech Advocates
  • Lord Alexander Carlile, Liberal Democrat in the House of Lords and one of Britain’s top legal expert
  • The Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, will also give a short address to the summit

Jennifer Arcuri, founder of the Innotech Summit said “This latest Innotech Summit provides us with a unique opportunity to bring together policy makers and tech entrepreneurs to discuss some of the most pressing issues which face the digital economy.”

Watch this space for more on our collaboration with Innotech.


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