What Kind of Political Monster Are You?



Position Monsters have arrived!

In addition to having your PositionDial help you figure out where you stand on today’s issues, we’re proud to announce a new feature that will visualise the positions you take.

We’ve launched Position Monsters for you to try in time for the general election this year. Check it out and let us know what you think!

How It Works


As you go along agreeing or disagreeing with policy positions on PositionDial, your monster will build before your eyes.







This is in addition to the more detailed results you’ll still be able to see on your PositionDial.



We created Position Monsters to help make engaging with politics fun and easy – especially for younger voters.



But unexpectedly when we got to the beta stage we found it wasn’t just younger voters who loved seeing their political beliefs visualised as a monster. So far we’re finding everyone, young and old, loves building up their Position Monster.



So head on over to Election 2017 on PositionDial to see what kind of political monster you are.



(And when you get your Election 2017 party matches – don’t forget to vote on the 8th June!)




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