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Seeing the different sides on PositionDial


We’ve made an update today to make it easier to keep track of reading / watching the different sides of the story via PositionDial.


You’ve told us seeing different perspectives in one place is what you want most. From today you will be able to see how many you’ve seen, easily, via a tick top left on the media window of items you’ve visited.

PositionDial.com   Workers in Scotland forced to turn to foodbanks

For registered, logged in users, this will carry with you from visit to visit.  (We’re also planning to provide you with a full article history, like your statement history, soon.)


We have also introduced a new red arrow icon to show when a media item is viewable offsite, rather than on PositionDial.


The red arrow appears top right on the media window. You can find out more about why items are shown on or offsite in our FAQ. And as always do keep your feedback, media and blog suggestions coming!

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