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Match to MP PositionDial dissolved until after the election


Parliament officially dissolved on Monday, and we’re taking down our match to MP feature until after the election.

It’s been one of our most popular features, and our first ‘match’ experience, with great thanks to My Society’s theyworkforyou – for allowing us to Position their vote summary data from MP’s real votes in parliament.

We’ve had a range of reactions to ‘Match to MP.’ Some people are of course keen on scrutinising the record of their own MP.

Most are fascinated by their top matches, even going as far as to say “I’m Hyell Williams, never heard of him.”

So we’re introducing you to an MP, from miles away, who is best representing where you stand.

I’ve been asked, what’s the point of knowing this?

We’ve all heard the dire voting stats and polls about a lack of trust in politicians, and how little there is to choose between them.


What ‘Match to MP PositionDial’ has done is show that there is real diversity in parliament, and that you can find genuine matches on many issues.

Even though you might not agree on everything all the time, it’s well worth knowing that your perspective is actually being put forward at the highest level, and who by.

And not just to know. We introduced a ‘tweet your top match’ a little while ago – giving you an opportunity to publicly thank the representative(s) best standing up for what you believe in. So even if you don’t live near them, and can’t vote for them, you can give some public support.

Everyone’s a critic. And MPs get a lot of that. By showing who matches, there’s a chance to balance that by sending some positive vibes towards those who line up with you. That’s got to be win:win.

Match to MP will relaunch after the UK General Election on May 7th 2015.

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