Brand matching: live your values every day


We are really excited to have launched brand matching on PositionDial this month.

PositionDial is about exploring where you stand, seeing views from all sides, and living your values.

Brands are another type of ‘match’ you can now get in addition to your commentator, political party and politician matches.

Making it really easy to join the dots between where you stand and how you live your life.


Brand matching was presented at Bethnal Green Ventures demo day, after PositionDial completed its summer 2015 programme. You can read PositionDial’s profile on the BGV blog here – we will link to a video when available.

What is a brand PositionDial?


A brand’s PositionDial visually summarizes its activities, work practices and supply chain on matters ranging from animal welfare and workers’ conditions to environmental impact and use of chemicals.

To build a brand PositionDial our team curates independent certifications, labels, awards and media investigations about a brand / product’s behaviour and actions and relates them to ‘positions’ – like ‘products for people should not be tested on animals’.

For example we use sources like the Living Wage Foundation, Stonewall’s most LGBT-friendly workplaces, Carbon Disclosure Project, Oxfam Behind the Brands study, Davies Report on % of women on boards.

*PositionDial never shares personally identifiable user data for commercial purposes


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